About Homestead Exemptions
We’ve been addressed by a number of constituents with
concerns regarding their most recent tax bill. As in years
past, the vast majority – over 90 percent – of homeowners
coming into our office this time of year want to find out why
they didn’t receive credit for a Homestead Exemption.

The inconvenience this annually places on homeowners
is largely what prompted our efforts to have the Homestead
Exemption made permanent in Orleans Parish. If a homeowner
has a Homestead Exemption applied to his or her domicile as of
January 1, 2012, it will remain on that property as long as the owner
lives there. The annual letter notifying you of your homestead
xemption will be arriving before the end of February, 2012.

Homeowners who qualify for a Homestead Exemption but did
not have it appear on this year’s tax bill will be issued a supplemental
Homestead Exemption after visiting our office. This will be retroactively
applied and a revised tax bill will be issued, but only after the taxpayer
has come by our office with proof of ownership, a valid Louisiana photo
ID/driver’s license matching the property address, and a recent unpaid
energy bill for the property addressed to the owner. Once the Homestead
Exemption is applied to the property, it will become permanent as long it is
maintained as the owner’s domicile.

While many constituents visit our office in January for other reasons,
I’m confident the permanent Homestead Exemption will result in shorter
wait times and fewer surprises on future homeowners' tax bills.

Since there are a large number of property owners coming to
City Hall at this time to pay their tax bills, we remind property owners
that they can visit our offices about their Homestead Exemption at any time.


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