Erroll G. Williams seeks re-election as Orleans’ First Single Assessor
When Assessor Erroll G. Williams took his oath of office on January 1,
2011, he became the first citywide elected single Assessor for Orleans
Parish. He now seeks re-election to that position.

As Orleans Parish Assessor, Williams oversees one of the state’s
largest assessment rolls, valued at $4.5 billion, including 166,000
parcels and 10,000 businesses. The parish encompasses nearly
400 residential neighborhoods and 141 commercial corridors.
Assessor Williams has more than 35 years of experience in public service,
including election as the Third Municipal District’s Assessor for more than
25 years. He is a Certified Louisiana Assessor and holds a Louisiana Real
Estate License.

On November 7, 2006 Louisiana voters passed a measure (RS 47: 1901,
Paragraph B) that reduced the number of Assessors in Orleans Parish from
seven to one. Assessor Williams’ Third Municipal District was the largest of
seven within the City of New Orleans.
In addition to his years of experience as a parish Assessor, Williams held
various executive offices within the City of New Orleans, including Chief
Administrative Officer (1984-85) and Director of Finance (1978-84). His
esteemed career also includes time with Alexander Grant & Co. Certified
Public Accountants (1975-78) and as an Internal Auditor with Goldman, Sachs,
& Co., Investment Bankers (1971-73). He is a past President of the Louisiana
Assessors’ Association.
Assessor Williams inauguration as a single Assessor marked a truly
historic occasion in real estate tax assessments in New Orleans. For the
first time, Orleans Parish is in concert with her 63 sister parishes that have
had only one Assessor.
Assessor Williams focus in his first term as the consolidated Assessor for
Orleans has been to create a courteous, fair, equitable and transparent citywide
assessment process that utilizes professional assessment practices and modern data-collection efforts. His consolidation plan included best practices
recommended by the International Association of Assessing Officers.
During the past three years, he has improved customer service at City Hall,
added and trained a professional appraisal staff, upgraded online services,
integrated photos of all properties into a geographic database which allows
consumers to compare property valuations with visual aides, expanded the
open rolls period, and expanded locations for the public to interact with appraisers
during the annual public review period.
His biggest task was to reappraise all residential and commercial property
in Orleans Parish by one uniform system, eliminating seven highly individualized assessment practices. The process was complicated by the fact that more than
80 percent of all properties in the parish had been reduced in valuation
ollowing 2005’s Hurricane Katrina due to damages caused by extensive levee
breeches and overcoming a poor information database.
Assessor Williams is a graduate of Joseph S. Clark Senior High School.
Williams received his Bachelors of Arts degree in Accounting from Dillard
University. His post-graduate studies include a Master in Business Administration
(MBA) from Tulane University in Accounting and Finance.
His staff includes approximately 60 employees.
Williams is married 41 years to Cynthia Rich Williams and has two
daughters, Erica and Enjoli.


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